Smoke Show offers makeup classes disguised as cocktail parties! Have you ever wanted to know how to contour, how to create a crisp winged liner or how to perfect your complexion routine but felt too intimidated to ask? Do you love watching instagram and YouTube tutorials but wish you could ask questions or learn techniques specific to your eye shape, skin tone, etc?
That’s where Smoke Show comes in! 

Smoke Show was created with two missions in mind: to take the stress and apprehension away from asking for help with makeup and to help people feel more confident. Smokeshow offers a laid back and fun environment to try something new, ask questions and leave feeling like your very best self!


Meet Meredith Kelly.
Professional makeup artist & founder.


Ok, so you’re probably going, “is this like a Noxema commercial or what?” but seriously I actually have a way normal life. Basically, I’ve loved all things beauty since I was old enough to climb into the cabinet under my mom’s bathroom sink and pull out her makeup bag.

Cut to 18 years later when I realized other people also wanted me to make them pretty. A year or two into college, some crazy person offered me my first professional makeup job working with Edge of Urge in Wilmington, NC doing hair and makeup for their website, social media, etc. This was the HOLY SHIT I CAN DO THIS AS A JOB moment.

Fast forward to me getting my cosmetology license, working in a high end salon where I became a stylist and lead makeup artist, and  freelancing for a major cosmetic brand in Ulta and Sephora stores. Sure Wilmington has the beach and sun & fun, but you can only date so many dead beat surfers…am I right, ladies? *Que Vanessa Carlton song here* After 8 years in Wilmington, I packed up (my 17 bags of makeup) and headed to Raleigh.  

If you thought this journey was cute so far, all the stuff that came next actually made me legit. I had no clue when I moved to Raleigh how magical this place would be for me. After the move, I had the opportunity to work on national cosmetic campaigns, marketing and training materials for international cosmetic retailers as well as lead trainings all over the country for everyone from customers, to brand artists, to pro artists for Sephora. While all of that was amazing and the result of a crap load of hard work, I had a huge desire to be a bigger part of the community here in Raleigh. This led me to some amazing opportunities to make connections with other local artists and organizations like Carolina Ballet and Theater Raleigh.

Through all of these experiences, I’ve noticed this assumption that people should just innately know how to do their makeup and have seen firsthand the hesitation and insecurity most people feel when it comes to asking questions about beauty.  I know the confidence a new lipstick or bad ass smoky eye can give someone and I’m incredibly passionate about sharing that with everyone who wants to learn. Whether you feel amazing in chapstick and mascara or a red lip and winged liner; I want everyone to feel like the absolute best version of them self.  So cue the lasers, let the confetti fly, enter Smokeshow- a safe space to ask questions, make a mess, have a glass (or three) of wine and learn how to create a makeup look that makes you feel comfortable, confident and just like Fern Mayo walking down the halls of her high school after that epic makeover montage in Jawbreaker.